The Clark Family Trio Concert on August 23. See Calendar for details.

The Clark Family Trio, performs modern Bluegrass, Americana and Gospel favorites, featuring tight three-part “family” harmonies and fingerstyle and flatpicked acoustic guitar.

Eleven-year-old Sally Ann Clark and her big sister, 16-year-old Sophie, have literally grown up singing with their Mom, Cindy (who also plays upright bass for the group). They all live in the same house near Searcy, Ark., where the two sons, Jed and Harry, grew up playing music. All three ladies sing lead at different times, and all three sing different harmony parts, according to the need of the moment. In the summer of 2012, they teamed up with guitarist Bill Nesbitt, who is equally adept at fingerpicking and flatpicking the guitar, and also plays mandolin, banjo and bass on both the band’s CDs. Together they have delighted audiences with their talent and presentation in live shows around Arkansas and beyond.

Their set list includes unaccompanied Gospel numbers, traditional bluegrass and Americana, and mainstream acoustic selections of yesterday and today. The band’s CDs feature favorites from their song list, with Nesbitt multi-tracking on various instruments, including guitar, mandolin and banjo.

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