What’s going on at the Fairfield Bay Conference Center?

It is now time and all the conditions are in place to show everyone what is going on at the conference center. For one thing it will have a new name, Our Towne Conference and Visitor Center at Fairfield Bay. Over the last several months thanks to our Mayor and the City Council, Fairfield Bay will now have a fresh new welcome center, as well as a much needed meeting and conference center. The center will also house a vibrant community performing arts theatre. We have also taken a less than attractive area of our city and are bringing it back to new life with a clean attractive new look.

We want you to see what is happening inside the building. We have now completed the repair of the roof allowing us to remove all of the water damaged materials. Now we can start on returning the center to its former pride of Fairfield Bay for outreach and hosting Arkansas and the world.

Please continue to follow us as we reach our opening goal of October 12, 2013. Over the next several weeks we will be posting our conference and meeting fee schedule as well as all the new and exciting activities available here in Fairfield Bay.

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